In the United States, we valorize our vets with words and posters and signs but we don’t give them what’s really important to Americans, what really sets you apart as someone who is valuable to society - we don’t give them jobs. All the praise in the world doesn’t mean anything if you’re not recognized by society as someone who can contribute valuable labor.
— from the book "Tribe" by Sebastian Junger

Hire Served gives Military-Passionate employers the competitive advantage in recruiting, hiring and onboarding top veteran talent by bridging the Military-Corporate culture barrier throughout the recruitment cycle. We cultivate exceptional military talent. We coach our candidates to understand their why. Then we connect them with Military-Passionate employers. 

Working with Hire Served allows smaller companies to compete in the same veteran hiring arena as large-scale companies with much larger veteran talent acquisition budgets and specialized recruiting programs. This allows our clients to meet their veteran hiring goals and, for some, to compete for new clients as a diversity supplier to Corporations and the US Government.

Many large companies have seen the value of hiring veterans and created entire veteran recruiting departments (think Amazon, Comcast, JP Morgan Chase). This gives them the advantage when hiring veterans because their veteran recruiting team understands veterans and can spend time translating military resumes and skillsets. Small businesses don't have that luxury. 

For the small business owner who wants to hire veterans, the recruiting process is more challenging and may lead to not meeting your veteran's hiring goals. When that happens, you miss out on the rich leadership veterans bring to the workplace as well as potential contracting benefits from being a diverse supplier. Imagine the increase in production and revenue veterans may bring to your organization.

Hire Served gives you the opportunity to harness the advantages of hiring veterans without incurring the long-term budgetary commitment of hiring recruiters with special training in understanding military culture and job skills. Hire Served is your outsourcing solution for your military and veteran hiring needs. Hire Served will work with you in all cycles of the recruiting process to ensure you understand your veteran candidates from resumes to interviews and even to preparing your team and new hire for the cultural adjustments that may take place during onboarding.

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