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Hire Served

Connecting Mission-Driven Companies with Service-Minded Talent

What Do We Do? 

Hire Served gives mission-driven employers a competitive advantage in recruiting, hiring and onboarding top service-minded talent. We bridge the gap to military veterans, spouses, and former law enforcement officers, recruiting them to put their skills to work for you. 

We cultivate exceptional talent. We coach our candidates to understand their purpose after government service. Then we connect them with mission-driven employers. 

Working with Hire Served allows smaller companies to compete in the same hiring arena as large-scale companies. By partnering with Hire Served, you can leave the recruiting to us knowing that we will bring you candidates whose life of service has uniquely prepared them to bring value and excellence to your organization.

Hire Served gives you the opportunity to harness the advantages of hiring veterans, military spouses, and former law enforcement officers without incurring the long-term budgetary commitment of hiring a specialized in-house recruiter. Hire Served is your outsourcing solution for your hiring needs. 

We will work with you in all cycles of the recruiting process to ensure you close the communications gap between you and your service-proven candidates from resumes to interviews and even to preparing your team and new hire for the cultural adjustments that may take place during onboarding.

Mission-Driven Employers: 

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your business relies on exceptional talent to succeed

More than 50% of business owners report that hiring and keeping good employees is one of their top growth challenges. The cost of hiring the wrong employee is estimated at 2.5 times their annual salary. 

Purpose-Focused recruiting

Alignment between an organization's mission and its employees' personal values and purpose creates unparalleled engagement. Engagement results in happier customers, more innovative solutions, more collaborative teams, and employee retention.

connecting your organization to service-minded talent

Our recruiting team works on your behalf to attract exceptional talent from the 2% of the population who have served in the military or law enforcement. We are committed to bringing you the best talent available. Together we create a plan to match your needs and budget. 

military spouses

Military Spouses are an untapped resource. Employers willing to engage a remote workforce find incredible skills in this talent pool. Hire Served is excited to connect your organization with resilient, adaptable, innovative, employees who will take your business to the next level.

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