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Join us for conversations about Military Talent - we focus on finding, recruiting, onboarding and retaining those who have served our country with their first careers and are ready to be civilians in their second careers.

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Live Your Purpose!

At Hire Served, we believe PURPOSE should drive decisions for job seekers and employers alike.

We see that when an employee's PURPOSE is aligned with an employer's mission, they are more engaged. Engaged employees create results.

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I love your mission, how can I help?

The vast majority of people I speak with tell me that they love our mission and they ask how they can help. The American people, by and large, are grateful for the sacrifices made by our servicemembers and their families and alarmed when they learn that the unemployment rate for post-9/11 vets is 5.1% (versus 4.7% for the general population) and for that the rate for military spouses is over 20%. People are willing to put their networks to work for our mission, but they need to understand our needs in order to make effective connections. Because I receive this question so often, I’m putting it into this blog.

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What Should a Transition Program Include? Insights from the Hire Served Military Employment Advocates Call

Each month, Military Employment Advocates gather to discuss topics related to bridging the gap between military job candidates and civilian employers. This month’s topic of discussion was Transition Programs. There is much discussion in the military community about the current program offered by the Department of Defense. In general, that discussion is around shortcomings with the current program. Rather than focus on shortcomings of the existing program, we discussed what we believe makes for a successful transition from the military to private sector employment.

Here is a short summary of the transition process we believe to be most beneficial:

1: Know Yourself

2: Study Your Environment

3: Achieve Your Objective

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Road Trip Musings – The Ideal Client

Last week I finished a one month visit with family and subsequent road trip to Florida. On the way home, I made it a priority to stop to see as many members of my team as possible as well as a couple of Hire Served clients. The endeavor was incredibly valuable (and also exhausting).

As I was driving on one of the many 7 hour legs of my journey, I was thinking about the ideal Hire Served client. 

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The Value of a Mastermind for Business Owners

Last week, I had the privilege of hearing from one of Philadelphia’s great business founders, David Bookspan. He came to visit the Bunker Labs Philadelphia cohort of business owners and spoke to us about his journey to success. David is not only the founder of numerous businesses, but is also a key part of Dreamit, a business actuator firm in Philly. Hearing from him helped remind me of the true value of the Bunker Labs EPIC cohort,

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