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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn from a Hippie on a Jeep

This article originally appeared on AmericanGrit.com. Link to full article below.

Last week, I took some time away from my business in the mountains of Colorado. I visited Garden of the Gods, where I met a hippie doing yoga on the roof of his Jeep. With Zen music playing in the background, he was smoking…something. 

“Surely,” I thought, “this person knows where I can find a great adventure.”

I asked him where the best views could be found for some quiet reflection and journaling, he directed me to a high mountain road. Following his slightly vague directions, I found the adventure I was looking for.

Along with adventure, I found a new perspective on my business, a new team member, and learned some interesting life lessons. Here are five business lessons I learned on Range Rampart Road:

  1. Always take the high road
  2. No turning back
  3. Listen to others, but follow your gut
  4. Make time for stillnes
  5. Hippies shouldn't be the only ones who get to be "one with nature"