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If you watch nothing else today, watch this...

I know I'm harping on this point. That's because it's a good one and bears repeating. 

Build your social networks. Create content that demonstrates your expertise. Do it before you need it. 

Why do you have to? Because the world has changed and so must you. 

I saw this in the FBI working Russian Organized Crime - Eurasian criminals embraced technology faster than any other criminal organization and leveraged it to render law enforcement all but useless (what with our constitution and all). I couldn't yet identify what was working so well for the Russians at the time, but I knew it was about their ability to network effectively.

I learned that I wasn't alone in recognizing this shift while working for McChrystal Group. There I saw how the shift was affecting businesses as a whole and learned from General McChrystal what they must do to adapt to that shift or be left behind.

Now, I'm learning from Keenan and others how the individual must adapt to this change in order to be successful in the Technology/Digital Age.

What got you here will not get you there. It's true. I hear it said over and over, but do we really mean it when we say it? If so, we have to figure out what WILL get us there. 

In this one hour video, Keenan provides invaluable training:

  1. You're not too old, private, special, etc for social media. Stop the excuses and get to it.
  2. Never stop learning. If you did stop learning, start again. Devour knowledge.
  3. Expertise is not the same as experience and expertise trumps experience every time. Become an expert, not someone who has punched the same clock for years on end (experience). 
  4. Produce valuable content. Show people your expertise and give them a reason to trust you and come to you as the foremost authority in your field.

Step 1 - watch this video. Watch all of it. Yes, I know that's an hour of your life. Turn it on in the car and listen (it's just Keenan walking on a stage, you don't need to physically watch every second); turn it on in the bathroom while you're getting ready in the morning (that's what I did); watch it while your kids are at soccer practice instead of checking email. This is free training from a man who gets paid money for this knowledge. Don't waste it because you don't have time. And if you don't have time to make yourself better, don't ask someone else to do it for you.

Now push play.