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Join us for conversations about Military Talent - we focus on finding, recruiting, onboarding and retaining those who have served our country with their first careers and are ready to be civilians in their second careers.

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Hire Served CWTP Insights


n. the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another.

We all want to make an impact - to leave our marks on this earth so that others know we were here.

The first Hire Served Civilian Workforce Transition Program left a mark on at least 20 lives. 

The servicemembers and spouse attendees walked away more confident in their interviewing skills and better understanding how to present themselves to prospective employers. 

The interviewing team walked away with an increased understanding of the raw talent leaving the military - how they handle themselves, speak, and the tendencies the military has ingrained in them. More importantly, they experienced the power of digging past external traits to find the authentic individual underneath and see the potential sitting in front of them. 

The Hire Served team walked away in awe of both groups. We recognize the vulnerability it took for our candidates to come speak with interviewers on whom they could do no research. We recognize the sacrifice of time from our interviewers and appreciate the expertise they generously shared. 

During the After Action Reviews we learned a few great lessons that we’d like to share here:

1) Military candidates are eager to learn and grow. Candidates asked for more time with each interviewer. They felt the feedback they were receiving was incredibly valuable and weren’t ready for that to be cut short. 

2) Interviewers wanted to help provide more preparation for military candidates. They recommended candidates be briefed with a few of the “What not to do’s” before arrival. The obvious ones include: Say “I” not “We”; Avoid use of “Ma’am” and “Sir”; and avoid acronyms. More interestingly, the interviewers wanted the candidates to remember that an interview is just a conversation with the goal of getting to know one another to determine whether you are a fit for a long term employment relationship. They said you should always be prepared to engage in a conversation about your past success as you never know if the person you’re chatting with, even in the grocery store, might be able to help you find your dream job. They said bringing your authentic self is always better than trying to use corporate-sounding words that you aren’t comfortable with. They said that conversations are two-sided and interviewees should feel free to ask questions of the interviewer. 

The question most frequently asked at the end of the evening was, “When is the next one?” We will be incorporating all of your feedback and will let you all know when the next one is.

In the meantime, if you know a military candidate who is struggling to find work, please have them reach out to josh@hireserved.com for our Pay-It-Forward Career Coaching. If you or someone you know is looking to hire military talent, reach out to jean@hireserved.com. 

Thank you again to Pasta Pomodoro of Voorhees, NJ and Valenzano Winery for providing food and beverages for our evening. Rethink Innovations provided us their space and Daniel Glass provided photography services and headshots for all attendees. WIthout great partners we wouldn’t be able to meet our mission of changing the lives of servicemembers and their families by connecting them with meaningful employment in the small/medium-sized businesses of America who are looking to hire them. 

We are looking forward to the next event!

Jean SouthComment