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Join us for conversations about Military Talent - we focus on finding, recruiting, onboarding and retaining those who have served our country with their first careers and are ready to be civilians in their second careers.

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I love your mission, how can I help?

At Hire Served, our mission is to change the lives of servicemembers and their families by building a bridge between military job candidates and employers that want to hire them. 

We do that by:

  • Cultivating exceptional military talent.
  • Coaching our candidates to understand their why.
  • Connecting candidates with Military-Passionate employers where they can add value and find fulfillment. 

The outcome? Satisfaction and retention.

I love sharing this mission with others and especially love their reactions. The majority of people I speak with tell me that they love our mission and they ask how they can help. The American people, by and large, are grateful for the sacrifices made by our servicemembers and their families and alarmed when they learn that the unemployment rate for post-9/11 vets is 5.1% (versus 4.7% for the general population) and that the rate for military spouses is over 20%. People are willing to put their networks to work for our mission, but they need to understand our needs to make effective connections. Because I receive this question so often, I’m putting it into this blog.

How can you help Hire Served change lives?

Our first task is connecting with companies who want to hire us and have a budget to do so. We are a for-profit organization, so we run on consulting fees paid by our clients. 

Our ideal clients are:

  • Companies, generally with 500 to 1500 employees, who are actively hiring.
  • Companies that know the value of a veteran or military spouse employee and are actively seeking to hire (we call them Military-Passionate).
  • Companies without an internal veteran recruiter. Since we function as an outsourced veteran recruiter, companies with an internal recruiter rarely perceive a need for our services.
  • Government contractors.
  • Companies that believe in direct, transparent communication.
  • Companies with a culture conducive to veteran employees - a Team of Teams culture. This approach is inspired by “Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World,” by General Stanley McChrystal (Ret’d) and David Silverman.

If you know the decision makers in a business like this and can make an introduction for us, our team would love to chat with them. Natalie Oliverio is our Director of Strategic Development and can be reached at natalie@hireserved.com

Second, as a military recruiting firm, we connect with veterans who are in the transition process and are looking for assistance. Our first look is always to the open positions we are trying to help our clients fill, but when those aren’t a fit, we provide a career coaching program to these veterans that is unique within our industry. We focus first on the Why - what will be the veteran’s new Purpose moving into civilian life? Then we teach veterans how to find their next career through leveraging LinkedIn networking and conducting informational interviews to create advocates who will help the veteran understand the civilian workplace and find their place within it. We don’t currently charge for this service, but offer it on a pay-it-forward basis. This means that once a service member has completed the coaching and found a job, we ask them to sponsor someone coming behind them. How can you help with this aspect of our business?

  1. If you know a veteran or military spouse who needs career assistance, you can refer them to Joshua Holloman, our Military Liaison. His email is josh@hireserved.com
  2. You can become a Veterati mentor willing to help veterans understand the workforce and conduct practice interviews before they go for the real thing. Sign up at www.veterati.com/hireserved.
  3. You can sponsor a veteran in our program (Use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page)

Finally, a challenge for all businesses is being seen and heard. In our social media driven world, there are numerous opportunities for you to share the mission of Hire Served with others. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time!

You can:

  1. Follow us on social media using the buttons below
  2. Share our Blog posts https://hireserved.com/connectors-corner/
  3. Listen to and share the podcasts we have been part of: https://hireserved.com/podcasts
  4. Connect us to the editors of magazines who are looking for paid content writers, organizers of events for speaking opportunities where we can speak to companies looking to hire veterans, or podcasters seeking to interview our team. These connections should go to our Public Relations Director, Marysa through her email Marysa@hireserved.com.

Thank you for being part of the Hire Served network and for helping us fulfill our mission - to change the lives of service members and their families by building a bridge between military job candidates and employers that want to hire them.

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