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Job Hunt Video Tip #4: Get Out & Get Involved

The Job Hunt can be tough on you mentally and make you feel disconnected from others and even depressed. The more you sit at home and click "apply" and don't hear back from recruiters the more isolated you feel. The more isolated you feel the more depressed you get. The more depressed you get the more disconnected from your mission you feel. The more disconnected you feel from your mission (get a job), the less invested you are. And so on. By the time you finally get an interview, you show up like a dejected, depressed, lonely person. That isn't going to win you the job!!!

Combat Job Hunt Depression by getting out and getting involved in organizations you care about. Join other vets in fighting for the lives of your brothers and sisters battling the demons they brought home with them from combat. Do something meaningful and you'll feel more like yourself. When you feel more like yourself, you'll show up better in interviews. And, who knows? When you're out doing good work, you just might meet someone who can help you lock on your dream job. 

Jean SouthComment