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Join us for conversations about Military Talent - we focus on finding, recruiting, onboarding and retaining those who have served our country with their first careers and are ready to be civilians in their second careers.

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Live Your Purpose!

PURPOSE lights your soul on fire.

PURPOSE makes you believe you can change the world.

PURPOSE wakes you up excited about what you will bring to the world each new day.

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PURPOSE fuels resilience to drive on in the face of obstacles.

PURPOSE gives your work meaning.

 Read the University of Florida's research on employee engagement by clicking the image.

Read the University of Florida's research on employee engagement by clicking the image.

At Hire Served, we believe PURPOSE should drive decisions for job seekers and employers alike.

We see that when an employee's PURPOSE is aligned with an employer's mission, they are more engaged. Engaged employees create results.

We believe our nation's businesses have not yet begun to tap into the lessons they can learn from our service members - lessons learned on the front lines and solidified under pressure, and when we do, it will drive adaptability, efficiency, and profits to new heights. To harvest this knowledge, they must be engaged with their private sector work.

We believe our service members (spouses included) have earned the right to work in an environment where they are engaged and safe. They deserve to work where they are respected for their contributions and recognized for the hardships they endured to learn valuable skills.

We believe tapping into each job seekers' PURPOSE accomplishes these goals.

Our employers are Mission-focused.

Our candidates are PURPOSE-driven.

The connections we make are powerful.

We are living our PURPOSE.

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