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Road Trip Musings – The Ideal Client

Last week I finished a one month visit with family and subsequent road trip to Florida. On the way home, I made it a priority to stop to see as many members of my team as possible as well as a couple of Hire Served clients. The endeavor was incredibly valuable (and also exhausting).

As I was driving on one of the many 7 hour legs of my journey, I was thinking about the ideal Hire Served client. My first thought was, “If we could have 5 more clients like Victor42, we would be thrilled.” Why do we love this client so much? Here are the reasons:

  1. Military Passion. Victor42 loves veterans. They don’t just love them because veterans skillsets are best-suited to their roles (although they absolutely are). They love them because they are veterans themselves. The company is founded by a service-disabled vet and run by a service-disabled vet. They are our tribe.
  2. Self-Knowledge. When a client knows what they want and understands their own culture, it makes it much easier to identify great candidates. The team at Victor42 understands their own needs very clearly and can paint a picture of the ideal candidate and the candidate’s future working environment. This translates to our recruiting team having the ability to tell the story of the position to candidates and to know where to look to find them.
  3. Transparency. Bobby, our key client contact at Victor42, pulls no punches. From the moment we began working together, Bobby has been straightforward about his needs, budget, and long term prospects for our partnership. We don’t waste time dancing around facts or trying to play guessing games with one another. This shows that we value one another’s time and builds incredible trust.
  4. Direct Communication. This goes hand-in-hand with transparency. When Bobby needs something, he asks for it. Likewise, when our team has a need, we state it directly to Bobby. There’s not a lot of sugar coating in this relationship, and that works well for both sides of the equation. While it’s always important to be mindful of another’s point of view and needs, I find it refreshing that we can all speak freely when interacting without fear of offending one another. This is powerful in helping us build Shared Consciousness. At McChrystal Group, we worked with our clients to teach them how to create Shared Consciousness and it’s incredible to see it play out so powerfully in a client relationship.
  5. Diversity of thought. Victor42 is not interested in cookie cutter automatons. While they have a need for specific skillsets, they aren’t looking for people who think alike. In fact, they want teammates who think outside of the box, who are open to different viewpoints, and who can relate to silicon valley types as well as those who value traditional government bureaucracy. This diversity of thought makes their team better and it makes them a great client for Hire Served, because it aligns with our corporate value of Individual Worth.
  6. Growing. Victor42 is in a growth phase. They have identified their core competencies, built a solid leadership team, stabilized their business and are now ready to add to their team as they grow. This presents an obvious opportunity for Hire Served, as we partner with growing businesses who are military-passionate and looking to add veterans or military spouses to their teams. While we respect organizations with characteristics one through five listed here, we can’t add value for an organization unless they are also growing (and therefore hiring), so this is pretty key in our opinion.

If your company or one you know matches these 6 characteristics of our ideal client, we would love to speak with the decision maker who identifies strategic military hiring partnerships. Please fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form and/or share this article with someone who should.

To learn more about Victor42, click on the image below. To learn about available positions at Victor42, click here. To apply for any of these positions, email tim@hireserved.com.

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