Hire Served
Nationwide Prior Service Recruiting


Hire Served connects employers to service-minded talent.

Outsourcing recruiting allows you to focus on your zone of genius. We partner with you by:

  • Connecting you to prior service talent through our recruiters network
  • Helping you find candidates who have served in the US military and law enforcement
  • Helping you understand the culture and experiences of your prior service candidates

Hire Served is creating a network of veteran recruiters so that employers can access great prior service talent for an affordable price. We will work with you to understand your needs and reach out within our network to help you find great talent. 

We know that recruiting can be expensive, so we are creating a system that allows you to name the price you're willing to pay for the talent you are looking for. Simply tell us what you will spend on the right talent and we will share your job to our network of veteran recruiters. You don't pay until our network finds the right employee for you.