Hire Served
Nationwide Prior Service Recruiting

Our Values

These are the values we live and work by.


We believe that living a life of service gives meaning to our own lives and makes an impact on the world around us. 


Generosity is a cornerstone of our decision-making at Hire Served. There are things we do that don't have a monetary return on investment, yet we know the returns are priceless. In addition to sharing our time and expertise, we give generously to charities close to our hearts. 
Hire Served supports The Weekly Fight, Semper Fido, Bunker Labs, and Operation Homefront with our giving. We urge you to do the same and would welcome a gift matching challenge.


Gratitude fills the soul of both the giver and receiver and builds a relationship that cannot be manufactured. At Hire Served we are grateful to our service-members and their families. We are grateful to the public servants and law enforcement officers who keep us safe stateside. We are grateful to our partners whose dedication to veterans and military spouses makes us all better. 

Most of all, we are grateful to be living in this great nation and playing a part in serving its warriors.

Connection to one another makes us better and stronger. Through connection we learn about other viewpoints and have the chance to share our own. Through connection we learn of others' struggles and give perspective to our own. Through connection we learn of others' needs and are able to meet those needs from our own abundance.


Every individual comes to this world with the opportunity to live, love, serve and give. What you do with your opportunity is a reflection on your life experiences and character, but not upon your worth as a person. Every person, regardless of rank, station, education or any other status is worthy of the kindness and respect of others. We all have a contribution to make and our true value is not tied to the opinions of other humans.

Individual Worth