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Career Coaching

Are you ready to find your next MOS?


Identifying the Purpose that drives you is the most vital part of finding fulfillment in your civilian career. Our coaching program starts with Purpose. You'll be given resources to read and watch and then spend at least an hour with our military liaison discovering your Why and understanding how to apply that knowledge to your job search.


Once you know your Purpose, it's important to connect with advocates who will help you find the right role and organization to join to find work that fulfills that Purpose. Our coaches will walk you through a system based on the Human Intelligence Targeting Cycle that will help you:

  • Learn to speak "civilian"
  • Understand available job roles and functions
  • Identify companies whose values match your own where you can continue to pursue your purpose
  • Meet influencers in the companies you are targeting
  • Receive internal referrals for the roles you are seeking


Job seekers who work through this program see results. Some have seen results in as few as two phone calls, others will take months. There is no set time and you work at your own pace driven by your own timeframe and motivation levels.

We will empower you to stop pressing the "apply online" button and hoping against hope that it yields results for you. We guarantee that if you put in the work you will know yourself better and be better prepared to live your purpose in the private sector.

William participated in the Hire Served Pay-It-Forward Coaching Program and found a job that aligns to his Purpose. Hear more in our interview.
My search for a new career was frustrating, confusing, and lacked direction. Then I spoke with Jean. She explained the job search “battlefield” in a way that made sense and provided me with tactics proven to win. Jean didn’t just help me find a job, she helped me find the right job.
— -Jake, U.S. Army veteran
Jean South has been an invaluable resource in teaching me the skill of networking to include: language translation from military speak to professional English, utilizing the tools available such as LinkedIn to research and connect with individuals in the sector you’re transitioning to, and seeking opportunities to both learn and expand your network with informational interviews. Utilizing services like those provided by Jean South at Hire Served is the best thing a transitioning service member can do for their career.
~Recently Transitioned US Air Force Officer
I'd like to start off here by saying thank you! Secondly, I'm going to tell you something you are already aware of: Josh is a Rock Star! I don’t know if our discussion today was extraordinary or not, but it all just felt so right for me.  In just that short time on the phone together, we were able to figure out my ‘Why’.
~US Army Sergeant Major (Ret'd)

Our coaching program is different for every job seeker, but everyone starts with a Purpose Coaching session, where we will work with you to understand your purpose. We charge $25 per call (up to an hour per call). Our coaching clients work with us as needed during their job search and meet with a coach an average of three to five times. Our goal is to help you find a meaningful job where your Purpose is aligned to the organization's Mission as quickly as possible. 

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