Hire Served
Nationwide Prior Service Recruiting

Point of Service Recruitment

Employers seeking to hire prior service members who need a hand in one or two parts of the recruiting process choose one or more of our Point of Service Recruitment Options.

How We Save You Time

The Point of Service Recruitment Division of Hire Served allows you to outsource selected parts of the recruitment process to us. If your company wants a sourcing specialist to deliver veteran leads to your internal staff, we can do that. If your company wants to hire veterans but has no one that understands the military lingo on a resume, we have options for interpreting these resumes and coaching your internal staff. If all you want is someone to interview veterans for your internal recruiters, we can do that as well. Think of us as the subject matter experts that you would want on staff, but can’t afford a yearly salary for.

Who We Find For You

Hire Served has built an unparalleled network of talent - ranging from enlisted, senior enlisted, and officers of all military branches to highly accomplished military spouses and civil servants like police, fire, and federal agents. Each of the individuals we represent has been vetted through a rigorous interview process that focuses on matching the candidate’s self-identified life purpose with your organization's mission.

How We Charge

Companies that choose this option pay a monthly management fee based upon the service requested.