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Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing

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Do you know where to find the best talent? Research shows you rarely strike gold using job boards. You must search passive candidates who may not be viewing your posting otherwise. Talent sourcing is a time-consuming process to dig up the best candidates - whether they are actively or passively searching for your posting. Our recruiters will scour career databases looking for perfect candidates for your role. To do this, they will:

  • Build an ideal candidate profile
  • Search internet databases for this ideal candidate 
  • Build lists of targets
  • Contact passive candidates to share your role and sell them on your company
  • Screen interested candidates for both skills match and purpose match
  • Send only the most qualified candidates to you for consideration and interviewing

While we send only the most qualified candidates to you, for your future reference, all applicants can be provided to you upon request, with their permission.

*This package can be added to either of the social media packages above or be purchased as a stand-alone item.

*Price is per role per month until a candidate is hired or a 3-month minimum time frame has lapsed. 

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