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Veteran-Owned Businesses Value Prior Service Talent

As a Veteran-Owned Business, we don't have to tell you the value of service-minded talent. You understand and want to hire as many veterans and former first responders as possible - because you recognize the business value of hiring talent with leadership experience dedicated to service and because you understand the challenge of leaving the military to return to "normal" life. 

However, we have found that Veteran-Owned businesses don't always have as much access to amazing prior service talent as they would like. Here are a few reasons we've seen:

  • Your network is tapped out. You've hired from the pool of people you served with and need to reach beyond that pool now. We expand your network instantly.
  • You require a special skillset. There are some roles that you'll find easy to fill - logistics perhaps. Whereas others such as sales, IT or cybersecurity may be harder roles to fill with fewer veterans to choose from. Our network of recruiters know where to dig to find specially trained vets.
  • Your recruiting team is composed of civilians who don't know how to interpret a veteran resume and you don't have time to train them. We are experts at understanding prior service resumes and helping HR teams extract business value from them.
  • You don't have the time. Let's face it - running your business takes all your energy, and recruiting isn't your primary zone of genius.  Outsourcing your recruiting to us gives you back the only resource you can't replace - your time.